Sunday, January 2, 2011

"Back and to the Left": A story based on "Brain of J" by Pearl Jam, as suggested by writer Stephen Schwegler (21/100)

Back and to the Left




Pearl Jam is a band from Seattle, WA that started taking themselves too seriously too fast. The band Bracket is probably best known for parodying the cover of the second Pearl Jam record, but beyond that they're not known for anything except arriving just a bit too early to the pop punk scene. Pearl Jam lead singer Eddie Vedder seems like he wants to come across as a street-wise Bono, but he comes across more like just plain old Bono. Still, those first two albums rule, and they have a smattering of killer jams throughout the rest of their career, so let Vedder pretend he's a philanthropic Kerouac for all I give a shit.

Stephen Schwegler is a writer from New Jersey who started taking himself too fast too seriously. The goddamn guy had over half a dozen publications and a full-length book released in 2010! A machine, I tells ya. He likes to play video games and he has a short beard that's rather handsome on him. Buy his book, the absurd short story collection Perhaps., so he has money to travel the world and make a stop in Wisconsin where I'll get him the best milkshake he's ever had (assuming he's not vegan) and we can chew the fat about Y: The Last Man and why introducing the CDC as a hideout in episode five of The Walking Dead is a complete load of horseshit. Stephen also helps out the goofballs over at Jersey Devil Press, so go visit them and read around and be refreshed by the concept of a few people having a hedstrong-yet-open idea of what they think is good writing and publishing the good stuff.

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Next week: A story based on "Vigilante Man" by Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band, as suggested by writer Mike Sweeney.

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  1. The Cuban wife was a nice touch.

    I always loved this Pearl Jam song and it's from my favorite PJ album.