Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Follow the Water": A story based on "New Kind of Kick" by The Cramps, as suggested by writer yt sumner (7/100)

Follow the Water



The Cramps were a Sacramento, California punk band that was kind of a big deal in the CBGB New York scene in the mid-to-late 70s. Guitarist Poison Ivy Rorschach scares the shit out of me, which I think is the point. The band split up in 2009 after the sudden and fucked up death of vocalist Lux Interior. White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult--who I totally had the hots for when I was fifteen--was in the band for about two months. The Cramps were active for over thirty years, a career that spawned twenty-four singles, nine studio albums, and an appearance on Beverly Hills, 90210.

yt sumner is a charming Australian writer. She likes all the important k/hard-c sounds: Carver, Kyuss, and candy. Her writing is often absurd, often all-too-real, but it never fails to provoke emotion in all the right ways, skipping sentimentality completely and bashing through a series of internal organs until planting itself firmly in a reader's gut. We both have a thing for Jessica Rabbit, probably because you can't go wrong with a busty redhead. If I had to pick the most important flash fiction writers in underground literature today, yt sumner would be on the tip of my tongue (in a platonic way). I stole the idea for this project from her "you and me" project. Go to her site and contribute to it and then become a fan of hers on Facebook.

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Next week: A story based on "Blood and Tears" by Danzig, as suggested by musician Andrew Tweedy of Buried Inside.

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  1. I loved it!
    Especially the parts about Shakedown and Seven. I'm totally going to steal that from you one day.